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Getting started with Trymata user testing features

Top sample questions for moderated testing

    You cannot simply launch a website without ensuring that it offers the fastest loading time, smooth navigation, user-friendly...

User testing post-test survey question templates

A guide to post-test survey question templates you can use for your usability testing

How to optimize your usability test scenario for niche demographics

One of the most basic features of usability testing with Trymata is access to our pool of 1.5 million testers...

Measuring task success

  How do you quantify the experience of users on your website or app? Beyond psychometrics like SUS, PSSUQ, ALFQ, or the SUPR-Q, the experience of...

Video indexing your user tests

A tutorial of the video indexing feature within Trymata and why it is an important tool for user testing.

We’re excited to announce that TryMyUI has rebranded: Introducing Trymata, the complete digital experience insights platform!

Announcement image - TryMyUI rebrands to Trymata

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