How to A/B test websites

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In this technology-driven era, online and digital marketing is focusing on A/B testing for both websites and mobile apps. It’s a method for presenting two versions of the same webpage or application to different users. Comparing these pages, websites, GUI, or apps helps to conclude which one is better.


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What’s A/B testing for websites

An A/B test is a split or multivariate test method.

All these methods perform random experiments with the goal to improve a website’s metrics like form completion, purchases, or clicks. A/B testing can offer a lot more than changes that affect your conversions.

Why A/B testing for websites

If your website is not accomplishing its goals, it’s time you conduct A/B testing to maximize its effect and efficiency. You must use utilize A/B testing the following pages.

SEM pages

These are the budgetary pages that you pay for getting maximum visibility. The SEM pages deal with both setting up and optimizing ads.

These pages help convert visitors into buyers or convince them to take action. The A/B test helps improve the SEM pages, which, in turn, improves lead conversion.

Main landing page

The face of your website or brand is where people visitors will form their opinions and decide what to do next. It’s the easiest method to assess what works best to attract visitors and drive more traffic, especially when coupled with impression testing.

Page templates

The templates control the general overall look of your website. Moreover, these pages give you the framework that brings together modules, common elements, and components for the style of the site. A/B testing will help improve your page template optimization.

Benefits of A/B testing for websites

Less bounce rate and increased engagement

When your website visitors spend little time on your website contents, this is a bounce rate. The more bounce rates, the fewer the chances for conversion. Hence, it’s the right time for you to look into the optimization of your website via A/B testing. It will increase content engagement and decrease the bounce rate.

Improved conversion

A/B testing is the easiest and most effective way to create content that will convert visitors into buyers. Initially, you may not find it feasible to offer a multi-face website, but the results are worth the effort when done properly.

Multi-functional and high value

It is very hard to know what visitors will like or not on your website. That’s why A/B is inevitable to find the answer to this question. The usual A/B test covers forms, designs, text, etc. But you can A/B test your website on its marketing and advertising campaigns.

This may help you get value for your products.

Ease of analysis with low data rate

A/B testing will make analysis and factual results more easily. A/B testing works fine even with a small amount of data.

Revenue increase

The most important benefit of conducting A/B testing is an increase in revenue. It becomes possible due to A/B testing to reduce bounce rates, enhance engagement, improve conversion rates, etc.

Why Trymata is the best A/B testing solution

A/B testing for a website is another tool to improve your website and make it appealing for visitors. Make the most of it and improve your business strategies. You can go for A/B testing to make your website user-friendly and engaging enough to compel the visitor into taking action, maybe even becoming a customer.

With only some bias, Trymata is A/B testing and much more. The hallmark of good A/B testing is the user’s view – their opinion, both written and verbal, will offer you the actionable data you need most. Trymata’s usability testing suite is the “ah ha!” generating platform built for teams of all sizes and scope.

Unlike our competitors, Trymata is flexible, affordable, and comes with the quantitative metrics companies outside the UX industry just can’t offer. From our simple and intuitive dashboard to the indexing and collaborative aspects of the narrated videos, Trymata is the one-stop shop for all things digital. Refer to our A/B testing template when you begin your test!

Read about our impression testing and see how much insight you could be getting on your digital products, designs, or marketing materials!

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