Moderated user testing

With Trymata’s remote moderated testing feature, you can conduct your user test sessions in a live call with each participant.

You’ll prepare your task script and questions, then schedule your test, and eligible participants will be recruited on-demand for you (or, you can bring your own participants).

As each live test session unfolds, you can read from your prepared script, or adapt on the fly to the direction that the session organically takes. Fill in task usability and completion markers, and leave notes that are automatically timestamped and saved for later. You can even use the moderation feature to run user interviews, discovery sessions, and more.

Read more about how Trymata moderated testing works here


Moderated user testing with Trymata


Get moderated user testing with Trymata

Our basic usability testing plans all come with unmoderated testing enabled. Moderated user testing is available as a paid add-on feature at any plan level.

You can work with our sales team to get a custom plan with moderated testing, or purchase a standard plan and add moderated testing any time later during your subscription period!


Learn more about getting started with moderated user testing:

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