Session replay

Session replay is a feature that unleashes your digital experience research from traditional web analytics by showing you exactly when, where, and why users get frustrated.

With our product analytics solution, every user session that happens on your website is stored in your Trymata dashboard as a series of navigations and interactions. Then, the session replay feature allows you to play back a video of that session, re-created from those data points.

In other words, by using screenshots of your webpages and combining them with what we know about the user’s mouse movements, clicks, behaviors, navigations, and more, we are able to present an easily digestible video replay. You can watch to see what their experience was like, and where they got frustrated or stuck.


A screenshot from a session replay video

A still frame from a session replay video


What’s the difference between session replay and heatmaps?

Sometimes we see confusion between heatmaps and session replay, but these are two distinct features that complement each other in our product analytics solution.

Heat maps are static images showing aggregated data of how many users interacted with a single webpage. Session replay, on the other hand, is video data of just a single user’s experience, so that you can get a first-hand understanding of real people’s difficulties on your digital platforms.


Ensuring privacy compliance

Trymata both respects visitors’ privacy preferences and protects private user information, while still providing you access to valuable data about user behavior and page performance. We are GDPR compliant, and have always prioritized data anonymization.

Particularly in our session replay videos, we mask any user inputs during their session, as well as exclude all sensitive data. If you have heard of or used any customer experience services such as Google analytics, Mixpanel, or Segment, Trymata uses similar methods of collecting data to ensure privacy compliance at the highest level.


Get session replay for your website

Want to be able to play back user sessions from your website’s daily traffic? Our Product Analytics suite offers this feature along with other powerful tools for learning how users interact with your digital platforms.


Watch real user sessions happening on your site:

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