Create Better Event Websites with TryMyUICass Phillipps is a Bay Area event organizer extraordinaire.  If you’re a start-up or entrepreneur, you’ve likely attended an event where she was the behind-the-scene force to make it all come together:  FailCon, SF MusicTech Summit, Inside Social Apps to name a few.    One of the reasons why Cass is so good is because she is constantly testing her own assumptions about how things work and figuring out if there’s a better approach.   She recently used TryMyUI to see if she can design better event websites, since this is her bread-and-butter.  For example, should you or should you not post the event ticket price on the home page? Check out her guest post on Eventbrite Blog and see how she used TryMyUI’s remote usability testing tools to glean 5 tips on designing effective event websites.

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