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Deckchair boosts website revenue by 147%


Deckchair, a user experience consultancy, increased their client’s website revenue by 147% after doing usability testing with Trymata.

The client, a specialty tree grower and seller, wasn’t seeing the conversion rates they were hoping for on their ecommerce website. Using our usability testing tools, Deckchair tested the site to learn more about the obstacles to conversion.


What Deckchair discovered through their usability testing is that the organization of products on the site didn’t match the way that users were actually looking for products.

The trees on the website were categorized in a way that made sense to the business: by spruces, maples, or junipers, for example. But those categories weren’t useful to consumers, who mostly lacked expert tree knowledge.

Instead, users wanted to find trees based on how they intended to use them: for example, ornamental trees, shade trees, or trees for hedges.



Based on their research findings, the Deckchair team overhauled their client’s web navigation, so that users could find the trees they needed in a practical way. After the overhaul, the client saw resounding improvement:

  • 85% increase in conversions
  • 147% increase in total revenue
  • 29% increase in average order value

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“The fact that you can set everything up and run the test in a matter of hours with Trymata keeps things really agile. It’s a tremendous help. And our stakeholders know that we have this tool at our disposal at any time and can constantly get user feedback. That’s really reassuring.”

Jordan Becker
Usability Specialist

Gallup optimizes designs for new users

Gallup, the world’s leading polling organization, was experiencing a surge in new visitors to their Presidential Job Approval Center after Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

While the approval center tool had previously been used mainly by pundits and journalists, most of the new traffic was members of the general public, who were less familiar with polling dashboards, and were frequently using mobile devices instead of desktop.

Gallup’s UX team ran remote usability tests with Trymata to collect feedback from people all over the U.S., and learn how they could improve the experience for new users on different devices.

Gallup logo


Surprisingly, their research showed that in some ways, the portal was actually harder to use on desktop than mobile. The icons for adding and removing presidents for comparing were obvious in the mobile view, but users didn’t easily guess their function on desktop.

On the other hand, on mobile devices there wasn’t room to show the selected presidents and the graph together, causing users to have difficulty telling which line represented which president (a problem that didn’t affect desktop).


To help mobile users interpret the approval graph without seeing their selections, a legend was added for quick reference. Gallup’s team also chose to completely redesign the method for adding and removing presidents, to improve the usability on desktop while keeping the mobile experience consistent.

With the fresh experience updates, Gallup’s surge of new users were able to much more easily find the data they were looking for.

“Video feedback is the best,” Gallup Usability Specialist Jordan Becker told us about the project. “There’s nothing more impactful than showing a video clip to stakeholders. It makes everything click. They really see that it’s real people and real problems that we’re dealing with.”


“The honest, raw feedback we got through Trymata helped us set aside our biases and prioritize our roadmap based on what our customers really wanted.”

Parag Vaish
Director of Mobile Product Management


“We had frequent user confusion with onboarding on our website, but thanks to Trymata we took quick steps to adjust our designs and improve the customer experience.”

Erik Koto


"When we bring on new UX designers, it's really easy to onboard them onto the Trymata tool. It’s great, it’s not overly complicated, and it gives us exactly what we need to get great data from our user research.”

Annie Hendrick
Senior UX Researcher

Spiralyze solves a surprising user problem

Conversion rate optimization agency Spiralyze was working on their client’s SaaS website to increase signups. As part of the project, they ran usability tests with Trymata to see if there were any pain points they were overlooking.

During testing, several users asked whether the company’s software worked on Mac. This wasn’t a question that they had even thought about, because it doesn’t actually make sense. A SaaS product by definition would work on any kind of computer.

Nonetheless, this same question popped up multiple times in their user testing videos, and so the Spiralyze team acted on it. They added a label reading “Compatible with Mac & PC,” with the Mac and Windows logos.

Right away, they saw conversions increase on the site.


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“When evaluating design decisions, having access to lean, quality tools that help us conduct research quickly and with rigor is everything. Trymata’s ease of use, robust quantitative data, and flexibility have won it a definite spot in our toolkit.”

Cake & Arrow
Customer experience-focused
digital agency


“[Our Trymata tests] were great! We got awesome results along with some unexpected insight.”

Mary Shamburger
Web Designer
Douglass Media Group


“We had frequent user confusion with onboarding on our website, but thanks to Trymata we took quick steps to adjust our designs and improve the customer experience.”

Omer Briller


“When I make design recommendations, having data from Trymata allows me to ground them with hard evidence. It makes my points a lot more solid – I'm able to say, ‘4 out of 5 people struggled here, 5 out of 7 people couldn’t do this.’ With Trymata, I get the ammo I need to defend my design decisions.”

Jeffrey Kuo
Lead Product Designer


“I really prefer Trymata over similar tools. With Trymata, we are able to collect really good feedback and analytics. It has been super helpful for us to understand our product better from a user’s perspective.”

Dhanish John
Product Marketing Manager


“I was able to successfully pull out bidders, estimators, in the construction industry. I’ve been pretty impressed. I almost was like, ‘What are they doing, are they calling construction people to take our test?!’”

Rocco Petrillo
User Experience Manager
Dodge Data & Analytics

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