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Trymata is enabling the next generation of UX professionals


Our remote usability testing software is the solution to UX and design students and faculty at all institutions of higher learning.

The EDU Program serves institutions of higher education that produce the next generation of user experience designers through teaching iterative, user-centric web design, and engage students with industry experts. The mission of the EDU Program is to bridge higher education and the UX industry. This engagement begins with free, unlimited access to UX tools and extends to opportunities like internships, jobs, career networks, guest blog writing, webinars with industry professionals, among others.

With a Trymata partnership, students, staff, and faculty from your school will be granted Enterprise Plan accounts for all UX and design learning or practice. Each account will be enabled to run unlimited remote usability tests on websites, wireframes, and prototypes free of charge so students can practice using real-world UX research methods to collect qualitative and quantitative user feedback.

An Educational Partnership is a win for students, and a win for institutions!

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“After signing up and using Trymata I was much more comfortable with (doing actual UX work) because it seemed like Trymata did half the work through creating the test, emailing the test to users, and recording the process”

Tiffany Clark
East Carolina University


“Now that I’ve seen it, Trymata seems like an obvious fit for our UX classes”

Mark Graveline
General Assembly

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