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How partnerships can add value to your platform


We believe that every product can be improved. Whether it’s a website, an app, a blog, a store, a survey, or something else, Trymata partnerships make it easy for your clients to put their creations under the microscope and turn their brainchild into a tried-and-tested product ready for the market.

Incorporate our user testing software, product analytics software, or both into your platform to make usability a part of your process for generating top-notch, user-friendly products.

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Dedicated partner API

Our partner API allows your customers to leverage Trymata's user testing software without ever leaving your site. Instead, two key elements of the Trymata interface are transferred into yours:

(1) test creation, where clients write instructions and questions for the testers, and

(2) results viewing, where clients watch screen-captured videos of Trymata panelists stress-testing their creation and voicing their thoughts and reactions.

For more information on the partner API, contact your account manager!

Measuring Cognitive Stress with QuestionPro

Market research platform QuestionPro allows customers to test their surveys with Trymata, so they can see how the survey performs before it gets sent out. That way, they know in advance if there's something they need to change – questions that don't make sense? poor instructions? ill-fitting response choices? just too long? – and their survey will perform better with real respondents.

“Incorporating Trymata into our process added a lot of value for our customers.”

Rob Hoehn

What you get

Narrated video


A video of the user's screen as they use your website and say what they're thinking every step of the way.

Written summary


Users' written responses to a custom questionnaire that you create for your test.

Our partners

QuestionPro is a leading provider of online survey software, helping teams generate the insights they need to make better business decisions

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IdeaScale is a cloud-based software company that licenses an innovation management platform employing the principles and practices of crowdsourcing

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Chisel is the premiere agile product management software that brings together roadmapping, team alignment, and customer connection

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Fresco enables real-time collaboration for teams by bringing people together in a shared digital workspace

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