Over the past year, we at TryMyUI have focused on developing new remote user testing tools to solve the biggest challenges of usability testing. We’ve introduced a variety of tools for enhancing and expediting the process of research and analysis, including:

  • UX Diagnostics, a quantitative data dashboard
  • UXCrowd, a crowdsourced insights identification and ranking method
  • Collaborative Analysis, a suite for annotating user videos and sharing key insights
  • UX Sprint, a method for measuring the impact of design changes across iterations


User Testing Tools

A sneak peek at our upcoming user testing tools

What’s next for TryMyUI? We’re going further and deeper to provide ever more advanced solutions to the perennial challenges of the field, and setting our eyes on the challenges yet to be solved.


1. Highlight reel

Now a live feature on TryMyUI! Create user testing highlight reels

User testing videos are valuable for a number of reasons. They are full of usability insights, but they are also powerful pieces of evidence that can be used to persuade decision-makers.

With collaborative video annotations, we’ve already made it easy to pinpoint critical “aha” moments and share them or play them back; the next development will be the ability to compile these moments into a highlight reel.

With a seamless selection of your most valuable video clips, you can show stakeholders (1) which usability issues are impacting your users the most, (2) why it’s so necessary to address those issues, and (3) why your company spends money investing in user testing in the first place.


2. UX Intelligence

Faced with lots of video to slog through, you may not know where to start once you get your user testing results in. UX Intelligence aims to help you by making all of the collected data “talk to each other” to identify where your time will be best spent.

This feature will take the form of a dashboard at the top of your test results, showing notable standouts within the data and recommending the video clips most likely to show you the major insights of the test.

The idea is for the researcher to understand as much as possible about what the data is saying before actually diving into the results. With the UX Intelligence dashboard, you’ll get an idea of what your users are saying within 15 seconds of logging in.


3. Test additional formats

We will also be rolling out new user testing formats, such as testing on a set of image files you can upload straight to TryMyUI, and desktop application testing.

Technically, you can already test desktop applications with TryMyUI by filtering for testers who are willing to install your app and then including the download and installation as tasks. By making it a test format, though, we can give special instructions to testers to prepare them, and also have them install the program before they begin their test video.

We will also add the ability to upload mockups as image files and run tests to collect feedback on them. This will make it easy to start validating your designs before they’ve been implemented, so you can avoid releasing flawed products.


This is just a sampling of the user testing tools we have in the works, and there’s always more on the way. Let us know what you think in the comments!