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How often do you undertake major design projects? Once a month? Once a quarter? Less?

If your design projects tend to be ad hoc and spaced out, a monthly subscription for user tests and software may seem like overkill. For these cases, we’re introducing the Project Bundle, a user testing package designed to help you inject just the right amount of research into any design project.


Is the Project Bundle right for me?

User testing is a valuable step in creating designs that work for your users. Before you push your project live, you need a good look inside your users’ heads to see if it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. The Project Bundle is a good fit for you if:

  • You’re designing (or redesigning) a single user flow
  • You’re releasing a new feature
  • You’re launching a landing page or small website
  • The duration of your project will be under a month
  • You won’t be iterating on your designs immediately
  • You don’t usually have design projects more than once a quarter

With data to provide all the insights you need, and tools to find, analyze, and share them, the Project Bundle is the perfect way to inject user thinking into a small-scale, one-time design project.


User Testing Tools


What’s in the Project Bundle?

The Project Bundle includes 5 user test credits (each credit is worth 1 user video and the accompanying data), plus 15-day access to the TryMyUI Team-level analytical suite, for $150.

The Team features suite is a set of user testing tools made specifically to help designers and researchers perform faster and smarter, you have access to:

  • Video annotations: Bookmark, sort, and share key moments in your user videos with tagged and timestamped annotations
  • UX Diagnostics: Collect quantitative metrics including system and task usability scores, completion rates, and time durations
  • UXCrowd: Use crowdsourced analysis to get a ranking of top usability issues from your test results
  • UX Sprint: Re-run tests with new users to see how design modifications affect your success metrics
  • 30-minute video length

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With 5 credits, you’ll be able to uncover 80% of usability issues. You can always buy additional credits for $35 apiece if you need to run extra tests.

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