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What’s wrong with your UX and how to fix it



Many people use UX and UI interchangeably; however, these two terms are entirely different. UX stands for user experience and inclines more towards user experience and intent. However, people face several issues with their UX designs. UX issues are more common than you may think, and it is quite easy to address these problems if you have the right approach. Therefore, we will discuss the common problems you may face with your UX and how you can fix them.


The most common UX issues (How to solve them)

Following are the most common problems that people face with their UX designs, along with the easiest solution to these problems.

Do not design for yourself

The most common mistake you will make in UX is designing it for yourself. Incorporating things that you like the most may not be wrong completely, but they can still impact the results. Imagine spending several days developing a UX, but it doesn’t meet the client requirements, nor does it resonate with the general audience.

It is important to assess the need of the audience, which is why you should focus on conducting precise and structured UX research only.  Thus, focus on designing for the people that use your website no matter how “genius” you think your approach is.

You can go for quantitative research to understand the user trajectory and needs and prioritize the issues you skim out of the research.  You can then conduct tests on hypotheses that you form and come to results.

UX is more than just the aesthetics

UX developers try to make their sites as attractive as possible; while there is nothing wrong with this approach, you should know that it affects your site optimization. Optimizers compromise the simplicity for the cleverness and “cool features.”

You should focus on keeping the expectation-reality gap as thin as possible so that your ideal site stays as close to the results. Moreover, you may think that an aesthetic idea does something creative, but it will be useless if the site users do not find it helpful.

The best way to handle this situation is to take an objective view or take opinions on your site designs before you finalize. Taking suggestions from other users may help you see gaps you may miss on your own.

Ads and popup

You understand how annoying popups are when several ads stop you from even exiting. UX developers often bombard users with popups to help make their navigation on the site easier. However, this ends up as something counterproductive in some cases, which is why it is best to avoid them. The best way to handle this is to add one or two popups or add them in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the users on the site.



We’ve covered the most common issues people face with their UX designs and various ways on how to solve them. Now you’ll be able to create UX designs that meet your customers’ needs and expectations and allow them to have a pleasant experience on your website.



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