I guess there’s a compelling business perspective for making it hard to unsubscribe, but I doubt that’s what these folks were thinking:


So, if I’m subscribed to both product and event notifications, and I want to unsubscribe from the event notifications, do I need to select the Event notification checkbox and Unsubscribe and then submit, or do I select Product notification and Subscribe and submit, or is there an implicit “OR” condition in that case, where it checks and sees that I’m already subscribed to Product notification and won’t unsubscribe me from Event notification? And why do I have to enter my name to unsubscribe? Or do I? And If I just hit unsubscribe with nothing selected, have I unsubscribed from everything, or from nothing?

I actually only wanted to unsubscribe from the event notification, but decided to play it safe and unsubscribe from all. Right now, I don’t recall what I ended up doing, but there was some trial and error. Thankfully, the next screen does say what your status is, so I was confident that I did what I had wanted to.

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