“We see massive value in combining attitudinal and behavioral data as part of our global listening effort.” 

–  Vivek Bhaskaran, President of Survey Analytics


TryMyUI is proud to announce that we have been acquired by Survey Analytics, a leader in survey technology that boasts 360 research technologies to provide qualitative and quantitative data to help companies “get the user’s view”. Notable clients of Survey Analytics include Motorola, McGraw Hill, CareerBuilder, and agencies of the U.S. Government including the FCC, CDC, and GSA. Now with TryMyUI on board, companies have the opportunity to get profound insights into the real-time user experience of their target customers through video narrated by those users as they complete a series of tasks.

TryMyUI will be the new one-stop shop for all UI testing and customer feedback. With the successful Survey Analytics backing us, we can now have greater demographic curation to let website creators exclusively access their target consumers. We are also leveraging Survey Analytics’ user feedback tools to make TryMyUI into THE user research tool for collecting candid, unadulterated UX feedback.

How will we do this? Ritvij Gautam, Co-Founder of TryMyUI, says that the product is “very versatile and is not only for technology- and software-driven companies. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses TryMyUI to get ‘meta-feedback’ or feedback on their mode of collecting feedback. TryMyUI is useful to your website, software, online store, or even as a market research tool to analyze the user interface and experience of your competitors. With this information, you gain access to see what users are gravitating towards and why.”

Given TryMyUI’s versatility as well as access to Survey Analytics’ powerful research tools, there is much opportunity for accelerated growth on the company roadmap. The ability to connect brands with interactive and narrative videos of real customers using websites, apps, and software is a foolproof path to nipping problems in the bud, especially combined with the resources of Survey Analytics. So what are you waiting for? Ask yourself, “Why don’t I TryMyUI?”


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