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TryMyUI is partnering with General Assembly to provide free usability testing to faculty and students for practice

At TryMyUI, we believe that usability testing informs good web design. Even the best UX designers need to take a step back and view their project from the end user’s perspective, simply because as humans we tend to get caught up in our own biases; we have a hard time seeing things with a fresh set of eyes. Usability testing enables website builders to create sites that meet users’ needs and makes for the easiest, most intuitive, most enjoyable experience.

We also believe that usability testing is one of the most valuable things a company can do for itself to drive up conversion rates and communicate the right message to visitors.

Simply put, it’s a tool that results in a better outcome on all sides.

That’s why we’re partnering with General Assembly, an educational institution dedicated to training innovators, designers, and entrepreneurs for the 21st-century economy. GA’s objective of building a workforce that is prepared for the economic landscape of the future is something we wholeheartedly back, and we believe that to be fully prepared, students need access to the right tools.

Therefore, TryMyUI will be granting free use of our remote usability testing software to students and faculty at General Assembly’s UX design program, to enable deeper understanding of the UX field and allow students a chance to use and familiarize themselves with real-world tools that are at work in the market today. With our educational partnership program, learners of UX will get the chance to dive into the industry in a very real way and get an up-close look at user experience and user experience research in practice. They’ll also form a strong foundational knowledge of what makes a UI easy to use and the kinds of issues that users commonly run into on websites.


Building a partnership program

As we lay the foundations of our relationship with General Assembly, TryMyUI is also announcing that our software will now be available for free to UX and design programs at all educational institutions. Frequent, iterative usability testing at every stage of web development is one of the best habits a UX designer could develop, and by partnering with education we can help to instill such habits early on in the future builders of the web. Think of it as pre-emptively making the internet better.

Are you a professor or student of UX, web design, or another related field of study? Do you want usability testing practice for your classroom? Contact us at (415) 323-0377 or @trymyui on Twitter to talk about setting up a partnership with your school.

By Tim Rotolo

Tim Rotolo is co-founder at Trymata, and the company's Chief Growth Officer. He is a born researcher whose diverse interests include design, architecture, history, psychology, biology, and more. Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College in southern California. You can reach him on Linkedin at linkedin.com/in/trotolo/ or on Twitter at @timoroto

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