Educational partnerships have much potential to bridge higher education and the UX industry. To that mission, TryMyUI’s EDU Program is launching two year-round opportunities for students of design and web development:

UX Representatives (UXrep): This campus representative program, designed primarily for underclassmen, welcomes students to take the lead on fostering TryMyUI’s EDU initiatives at their respective campuses. Students work closely with the Director of Educational Partnerships at TryMyUI and other UXreps to extend learning and networking opportunities to their campus communities. Students ideal for this role are passionate about UX, UI, web and graphic design, have strong communication skills, are actively involved in students clubs or organizations on campus, and have taken at least one design course on campus.

Contributors: Upperclassmen and recent graduates of design have much expertise to share. TryMyUI provides them an audience of industry professionals, industry partners, UX consultants, higher education faculty, design students, and web development staff to showcases their work. It is an excellent opportunity for design enthusiasts to build a professional audience in the UX industry.


Both programs will commence in Fall 2015 across many academic institutions that are Educational Partners with TryMyUI. Tweet at us with #trymyuiEDU and #UXrep for more information.