Remote user testing is a valuable tool for agencies. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to get feedback on many simultaneous design projects, and become better acquainted with your clients’ users. Collecting hard evidence is also great for getting on the same page with clients and forming a joint understanding of what users need from the new designs.

Services like TryMyUI should be a natural match for digital agencies. But through working with our agency partners, we’ve heard about the many challenges agencies face with using SaaS tools for their research.

TryMyUI is happy to announce that we are now providing an Agency Plan specially designed to suit the needs and business models of digital agencies. The Agency Plan was built to be flexible, organized and collaborative in all the ways that agencies need.


What is the Agency Plan?

The Agency Plan is a new TryMyUI account type that allows you to purchase and manage multiple different testing licenses, so you can do research for your clients your way.

Under your Agency account, you can purchase Team- or Enterprise-level licenses for each of your client projects, and operate each license on a month-to-month basis. This arrangement keeps different clients’ research materials and billing matters totally separate.

Each license you open will have a unique, secure portal that holds all the user tests you do for that project. Access to each portal is regulated by your account’s administrator, so that only members working on a project can view those research materials. Members can easily jump between the client portals they have access to.


Client portal links on an example Agency account
Agency users can jump between client portals from their name dropdown.


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We know that agencies are always working on many client projects at once, which require research at different scales and may last for very different durations.

Charging: That’s why every testing license you purchase on an Agency Plan is charged independently on a month-to-month basis (or annually, if you prefer). That way, you have the flexibility to end each subscription whenever that project is finished, or you can always extend subscriptions for projects that go longer than expected.

Testing tiers: Different projects also have different levels of need. Based on the amount and type of research you need to do (how many flows, how many user profiles, how large of a sample size, how many iterations) you can opt for a Team subscription or an Enterprise subscription for each client.



With so many current and past user testing studies, the Agency Plan helps you to stay organized and keep relevant research together.

Research portals: Every client license you manage has its own portal with a dashboard showing all the tests you’ve run for that client (and only that client). To view research data for another client, members can easily switch between portals.

Billing: Every transaction is tied to a client license. Monthly subscription payments, plus any additional charges like extra test credits or white labeling, are all billed to the license they were purchased for. You can check billing histories for each client license to view an itemized list of charges, so you know exactly what to bill your client.


Example billing histories for 2 different client licenses under an Agency account
The charges for each client license are shown in distinct tables for easy tabulation.




User testing makes the most impact when everyone can see and interact with the results, from your own team members to your clients.

Member logins: The Agency Plan comes with unlimited logins for your team members. Everyone from UX researchers and designers to PMs and developers can sign in and view notes, test data, and highlight reels.

As you add members, you can assign them to the client projects they’re working on. This way, everyone has access to the materials they need, but no one sees the stuff that’s not relevant to them.

You can even add clients to your account to keep them updated on your progress and share your research findings with them. Showing clients key insights and video clips can be a powerful tool for backing up your proposals.


User testing in action

Remote user testing is a valuable tool in the arsenal of any digital agency. Get started doing research for your clients your way with a TryMyUI Agency Plan:


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