2019 was a tremendous year for TryMyUI due to our customers, and we hope that our platform helped make it a great year for you as well!

Looking ahead in 2020, we have decided that in order to build the best product possible, our user testing pricing model will need to adapt to fit what we have learned so far and what we have planned on our product roadmap.

Review our new prices below:

Personal Plan: $99/month, or $1,000 annual; 5 credits/month, or 60 credits/year
Team Plan: $399/month, or $4,000 annual
Enterprise Plan: $2,000/month, or $20,000 annual
Unlimited Plan: $96,000 annual contract ($8,000/month)

The number of credits and external invites per month or year will remain the same for Team and Enterprise.

Annual plans purchased before March 30th, 2020 will be honored at our current user testing price until expiration. Note that there will no longer be a free plan option.

Our free trial will be getting a serious upgrade, which will include 5 test credits with Enterprise-level features for two weeks!


four toothbrushes to represent the four level of user testing pricing with TryMyUI


Feature updates for TryMyUI plans

Each of our plan tiers will be seeing some additions and improvements to the features offered, starting March 30th and continuing through the rest of 2020.

Personal: The Personal Plan will now have a $99 month-to-month subscription option and a $1,000 annual subscription.

Monthly subscribers will receive 5 credits per month, while annual subscribers will receive 60 credits immediately in addition to saving $200 for 12 months’ access to the platform. Additional credits can be purchased at $45 each.

What’s new?

  • Analyze your videos more efficiently with unlimited video annotations
  • Create 1 highlight reel per month for sharing findings with stakeholders
  • Usability tests for mobile interfaces now only require 1 credit per participant instead of 2


Team: For our Team Plan users, the $399 monthly plan with 10 TryMyUI credits + 10 external tester invites and the $4,000 annual plan with 120 credits + 120 invites should be familiar. Team Plan users can purchase additional tester credits at the standard $35 price, $10 less than the Personal Plan.

What’s new?

  • Refine your user testing demographic by adding a screener question at the beginning of your tests
  • Purchase additional seats (user logins) for your growing, collaborative UX team at $100 each


Enterprise: As with the Team Plan before, our Enterprise Plan users will be familiar with the new payment structure: $2,000 monthly for 30 credits and unlimited external invites, or $20,000 annually for 360 credits and unlimited invites. Additional credits can be purchased for only $25 each.

What’s new?

  • Advanced demographic filtering options for targeting audiences around the globe
  • Early access to the newest TryMyUI features and updates (see product roadmap below)


Unlimited: Our newest and most exciting plan, the Unlimited User Testing Plan is exactly what the largest, most UX-forward organizations have always needed: as many user tests and testers as you need, whenever you need them.

With unlimited seats too, the Unlimited Plan can be shared across teams and departments without sweating over how to divvy up constrained access, resources, or capabilities between them.

An annual contract is required for this plan; payments can be made monthly ($8,000/mo) or annually ($96,000/yr).

  • Unlimited user tests
  • Unlimited TryMyUI credits and external invites
  • Unlimited logins with full-feature access
  • Unlimited access to all TryMyUI features


TryMyUI as a butterfly life cycle to demonstrate user testing growth


Why we’re making this change and what to expect in 2020

Over the last four years (when we last had a change to our user testing pricing), we have made continuous improvements to our platform.

From the look and feel of the platform to the number of features, we’ve come a long way in the usability testing industry. Here’s a quick highlight of some of our proudest achievements:

Needless to say, TryMyUI is vastly different than it has been in previous years, and we appreciate all the feedback we have received from customers to build a better product going into the next decade of service.

Read more: What can user testing do?


Product roadmap preview

Our 2020 roadmap is full of new features that will further solidify TryMyUI as an industry leader without breaking any budgets. In addition to performance enhancements, user flow tweaks, and other small quality-of-life improvements, some exciting new features for 2020 include…

Moderated testing: A user testing feature that has been regularly requested, moderated testing will be just a webcam and a calendar date away.

AI bot assistant: What if we told you that even before you take a look at your UX dashboard, a proactive team member has already identified key areas of interest and opportunity? That’s the future you can look forward to with our AI bot assistant.

Sleek new designs: The new test details page is just a taste of what’s to come! We are especially grateful for those customers that user tested our new designs with us.


What happens to my account if I choose not to renew?

While not subscribed to any plan, your account will be locked and you will not have access to TryMyUI’s platform, features, or any of your previous user testing videos and data.

However, should you opt to subscribe again later to test a new product, your previous data will be saved and waiting for you!


We are excited to share another milestone year with you! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about our new user testing pricing or to hear more about our roadmap!


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By Tyler Winstead

Marketing Manager at TryMyUI

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