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The following is a guest post by Niraj Rajput, cofounder and Head of Engineering at Chisel Labs

Knowledge is something that is the basis of your career and work.

It’s the only way to succeed in a career if you have every concept cleared but it’s an exception to do it without studying it professionally because knowledge is recognized as a skill when you have something in your pocket to prove it up.

This is where qualifications and certifications pave the way for opportunities. There is a clear difference between a self-taught individual and the nurtured one in a certain skill. Though, there is a lot of room for exceptions in any field.

As the digital revolution is making its grip tighter and tighter every day, it is inviting the role of UX professionals seeking a lot of demand.

This is because the ultimate motive of any product is a great user experience and if you have a certification, it is a clear edge over other individuals.

A UX certification is a great way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge of user experience design.

The most common question for someone who wants to get certified is “What courses should I take?”

We’ll go through some of the best resources out there that will help you on your journey to becoming an expert in UX.

Well, this blog is all about that. We will give you the best picks for both online and offline modes to decide the one which syncs best with your constraints of choice.

Online UX Certification Programs
Offline UX Certification Programs


ONLINE UX Certification Programs


Google UX Design Certificate

This is an online course that has a prerequisite of no prior experience. Hence, beginners can opt for a skill infusion of an entry-level job in UX design.

  • This is an online course on a full-time basis. Hence, one can study it side-by-side or dedicatedly from a remote attendance.
  • The duration of this course is 6 months with a weekly mandate of 10 hours of attendance.
  • The fee to opt for this course is $39 per month through a Coursera subscription.

Designlab UX Academy

This is a job-ready course that is good to go for both beginners and advanced people who want to have UX design as a career path.

  • The online course is a three-stage driven one. The first phase is labeled, ‘Design 101’ that takes 4 weeks with 10-15 hours a week input with an expert mentor. Whoever passes this phase advances to UX academy to work on projects for 15 weeks full-time option or 28 weeks part-time. The last phase is about completing the portfolio and job provision guide.
  • The course ranges from 4-12 months for completion depending upon the middle stage journey as full-time or part-time.

Springboard UX Career Track

This is a course for people who have a background in diverse fields and want to make their way into being UX designers. Hence, this course requires initials of documented experience or degree in a related field.

  • The mode of the course is online along with the dedicated provision of a mentor who can be connected with.
  • It is split into 25 units and takes 6 months for completion with a weekly estimate of 15-20 hours dedicated range.
  • The cost of the course is $7,194 with a money back guarantee within 6 months of no job after graduation.

CareerFoundry UX Design Program

This is a course that beginners can opt for a job-ready career in UX design. The advantages of course include its flexibility – a person can complete it with other commitments around.

  • The online course gives access to the platform of study along with a personal tutor and one-to-one correspondence mentor. It includes working on projects along with theoretical and assignments as a part of the course.
  • A dedicated exam to course completion does not exist. However, each assessment needs to be completed with the accomplishment of specific requirements ensured by the tutor.
  • The course has a flexible placement duration of 10 months. And thanks to this provision, extra hours of weekly work will lead to an early completion.
  • The course costs $6,900 with an option of monthly or upfront payment option with a job guarantee of 6 months after completion and a refund if the committee fails.

Udemy The Ultimate Guide To Usability And UX

This is a pocket-friendly course but not sleeping with the quality and a strong foundation in UX design.

  • This is an online course with a self-placed option.
  • The duration is 12 hours on average.
  • The cost for the course is $194.99 along with Udemy dedicated discounts and offers which can make it more economical.
  • This course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if things do not go as per the stated commitments.

OFFLINE UX Certification Programs


California State University At Fullerton Certification In UX And Customer-Centered Design

This course is relevant for anyone who wants the concepts to turn up for jobs with little restrictions for outside California applicants.

  • This course has both offline/online options available to opt for 6 courses, which count to 98 lectures and lab work of a total of 9.8 credits.
  • The duration is approximately 10-12 months.
  • The cost of the course is estimated at around $4,240.

Flatiron School UX/UI Design Course

This course is designed for beginners who want to have a straightforward career path in the field. It is also one of the expensive courses on the list.

  • Running around various locations over the globe, this offline course after a mandated training of 24 weeks gives an option of specialization in either UI/UX.
  • The course includes weekly assignments, presentations, and portfolio work.
  • The range of completion is 24 weeks on a full-time basis and during the studio phase, a 40-50 hours per week attendance is expected.
  • The course costs $17,000 with a loan financing option or defers tuition until the job is offered.

Human Factors International Certified Usability Analyst

This course has two gateways which are for beginners and experienced professionals. The ‘Certified Usability Analyst’ is the one for the inexperienced candidates who want to set their strong foundation in the field while the ‘Certified Experience Analyst’ is for the experienced ones who want to advance their skills further.

  • This is an in-person course at different locations worldwide.
  • Both the options of the certification include four courses spread over 10 days.
  • The course costs around $6000 for each track.

Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp

There are no entry-level constraints for the course and is built to contribute career changes, developers, and entrepreneurs with UX designing skills mastered.

  • This is a full in-person attendance demanding course with four modules as a major division of the curriculum with the first three modules taught in person. The portfolio polishing work is also given guidance.
  • The full-time program counts for a 9-week completion with 40 hours per week as the pace.
  • The fees of the certification are around $12,000 with the provision of various discounts and scholarships available.

Nielsen Norman Group UX Certification

This is a course that is designed for professionals who want to have a documented skillset of certification in the field.

  • This is an in-person course with UX conferences held in different cities around the globe. The attendance of five such events with an online exam for each course paves the way to have the certification.
  • The conference participants contribute to a 5-day input with flexible 35 days access to the one-hour exam after each course.
  • The cost of attending the five events along with the exam adds up to $4,448.


We have added into this guide, the best picks of 10 UX design certification programs with both offline and online modes of pursuing them and all the details required for the choice.

The in-depth research of the courses can be performed from their corresponding websites.

We hope to help you with the decision-making of certification for the brighter stances of you in the progress of UX design as a career path.


Niraj RajputNiraj is co-founder and Head of Engineering at Chisel Labs, a premiere agile product management software company that brings together roadmapping, team alignment, and customer connection. Niraj is passionate about building scalable infrastructure and systems and he also happens to be a huge fan of Cricket!



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