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Recently, TryMyUI, a global leader in the user experience and usability testing space, acquired, a session recording and web analytics suite. With the joining of these two platforms, TryMyUI will be able to create the first-ever product for maximizing product-led growth. Together, the companies will provide an end-to-end digital experience solution to help businesses drive online revenue. But what about this company is so compelling? What’s the story behind it all? Don’t worry! In this article, we will reveal the Stitchology story.

Stitchology was created by co-founders Shruti Goli and Karthik Ravi, both hailing from the Bay Area. Their prior experience at Microsoft and Facebook, as well as the work they have done building Stitchology will prove to be incredibly beneficial as the two companies merge. So, let’s learn more about their journey up to this point!

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What is Stitchology?

Stitchology is a platform that tracks millions of digital interactions and turns them into intelligent recommendations to improve people’s e-commerce brands, grow revenue, and fuel innovation. makes it easy to increase sales and conversion by empowering brand owners to be their own data scientist.



Here are the key features of the tool that will help you convert more leads into sales and generate more revenue for your business:

  • Page-based insights: Learn how visitors are interacting with specific pages through detailed performance metrics and logs of relevant users.
  • Heat maps and session recording: Make quick decisions from visualizing aggregated customer journeys. Understand shopper interaction with product media.
  • Goal tracking: Track certain Domain-specific events to add additional intelligence when you’re searching across sessions and creating new user segments.
  • Visitor logs: Understand exactly how people are interacting with your site with a comprehensive log of all your visitors.


The story behind Stitchology

We have talked a great deal about the Stitchology acquisition. However, we realize that many of you may have questions about the Stitchology story and how it works with TryMyUI. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?


Collegiate connections

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The Stitchology co-founders, Shruti Goli and Karthik Ravi, met freshman year while studying Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Throughout their time at the university, they took numerous classes together. During their senior year of college, they actually took a CS + advertising class, where they went through their first iteration of starting a company, collecting feedback, and creating a prototype for customers. Post-college, Shruti went on to be a Product Manager at Microsoft, while Karthik became a Data Engineer at Facebook.


The birth of a company

In the wake of COVID-19, multiple brand owners suffered the impact of the global pandemic. Therefore, Shruti and Karthik wanted to help them. They launched a marketplace called ShopSustainably, where they onboarded numerous sustainable e-commerce brands. They wanted to leverage their technical skills to help these businesses increase their revenue. Creating that marketplace allowed them to be familiar with the technologies, marketing strategies, and operations of a brand owner.

As they tried to increase sales on the ShopSustainably platform and get brand owners’ feedback, Shruti and Karthik realized that there was a huge gap when any ads were being run on clothing items. Brand owners could only see how many people were clicking on the clothing item when they saw the ad, but they had no idea what users were thinking. Shruti and Karthik started tracking all the mouse movements of customers on ShopSustainably to see how they were related to the ads. From there, they were able to increase their sales. They then realized that these analytics could be beneficial to anyone who ran ads. And that is when Stitchology was born.


All about synergy

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When TryMyUI came into the picture, it was instantly clear that the two companies were meant to connect. As a result of this partnership, together, they can build a platform that will revolutionize product-led growth. Both tools seek to address concerns around understanding customers, and together they create a powerful tool that closes the UX research loop.

With Stitchology data paired with TryMyUI usability testing, you are able to better understand why certain user behaviors and patterns exist. Then, when you take the changes you made from TryMyUI’s usability testing and evaluate the data on Stitchology afterwards, you are able to clearly see if you have resolved the issues that exist within your users’ behavior.

Want to learn more about Stitchology and how you can benefit from this new tool? Book a demo with us today! The new, fully integrated tool will launch on July 7th.


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