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In the increasingly digitalized world, enterprise software development and design can no longer offer just a good service, but a good experience for the user as well. To that end, companies have started realizing that UX design, user research, and usability testing are all critical to their success.

It also means that organizations are hiring new UX practitioners and designers to enhance the quality of their products/services and how consumers can view and access them. However, without adequate know-how of UX design roles and usability testing strategies, chances are titles like ‘UX unicorn,’ ‘product designer,’ and so on will leave you confused.

Luckily, we discuss the vital roles of UX designers, researchers, and so on down below. Read on to find out how you can craft the perfect UX team structure!

What skills are necessary for a UX team?

UX teams can comprise a wide variety of specializations working together to form a productive and effective team that expedites the ranking of the business. For this, each team member must:


All in all, UX teams push forward the idea that soft skills are vital. Forming a collaborative environment requires the ability to work in a team and a level of empathy to nurture teamwork.

Moreover, you need to have a deep understanding of the different disciplines that curate user experience designs.



What Roles Fit in a UX Team?

Here we’ve compiled a list of roles necessary to build the ideal UX team from user research and usability testing to coding and visuals:

UX researchers

As the name suggests, a UX researcher focuses on user research relevant to designing. Moreover, they possess the extensive knowledge about the benefits of UX research and will most likely be the ones in charge of usability testing.

UX designers

UX designers envision a landscape view of the designing process. How flows will work, what elements are interactive and how, prototype designs, and so on.

Content strategists

Content strategists draft high-quality and spellbinding content on the basis of the design to attract more traffic towards the website.


Your copywriting team curates engaging content at the macro-copy level, as well as micro. Often, these positions are contributed by a marketing team (who can also benefit from usability testing).

Visual designers

Visual designers visualize your website’s overall look. How do you want your brand to come off? What impressions do you want to make? Visual designers make your brand come to life. Read about what you can learn from a impression testing with TryMyUI!

UI designers

Your UI Designers develop interfaces between your consumers and products. They act as the bridge between visual designers and UX designers by taking the colors and style from the former, develop buttons and interfaces, and pass it on to the latter.

Front-end designers and developers

Front-end designers and developers are a team of experts overlooking and developing the design building at various levels.

Project manager

Finally, the project manager oversees the process of the entire team, communicating progress to stakeholders, and articulating goals to the team.


Supercharge your UX team

A dedicated UX team ensures fast and effective communication and a problem-solving taskforce that possess in-depth understanding of the company environment, branding, and purpose. From usability testing and A/B testing to user research and impression testing, the team needs to be on the same page.

Give them the tools they need!

Trymata offers both new and veteran UX teams the complete suite of usability testing and user research potential. Start a free trial to see the qualitative capabilities, the quantitative features, and the countless insights awaiting your team!

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