We recently upgraded the software to support finer age-based demographics, and also “fixed” our notion of demographics on education and social networks usage.

Previously, we only allowed the choices of the following very specific age groups: 18-34, 35-55, and above 55, which was fine for many users.  However, we received several requests to allow our customers to fine-tune the age selection, for example, to only college age or above 50 (to get access to a bigger pool of testers).  So now you can do that.

Finer selections based upon age

Additionally, you could set the education demographics to ‘high school’, or ‘college’, but did not allow the more likely requirement of ‘college or higher’.  We have changed it so that specifying a demographic education level now assumes you want at least that level.  We have applied this also to social networks usage, so that you can specify that you only want testers who use social networks at least several times a week, rather than only several times a week.  So selecting this will now also include testers who use social networks daily.

Keep those suggestions for improvement coming.

By Trymata

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