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Introducing our newest feature: the full data download!

Now, for customers on the Team or Enterprise Plan, each of your user tests will have a link reading: “Download all test data.”

This link will create an Excel file containing every user testing metric and dataset for that test: the videos, written responses, SUS scores, SEQ scores, task completion ratings, task duration times, and UX Crowd voting tallies.


Location of the link for downloading your test data


The Excel file will contain a separate sheet for each dataset: one for all the written responses, for example, and another for the system usability data.

Check out an example test data spreadsheet

On each sheet, you’ll find the topline data (averages or totals) as well as the values collected from each individual tester.

That will allow you to analyze and manipulate the numbers however you choose. You can chop up your data and create new segmentations, dive deep into a specific task or sequence, run statistical analyses, graph or model your figures, eliminate outliers, control for different factors – with everything in front of you, it’s all possible.


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Here’s a few things we’ve done to make the full data download feature even more useful for you:

For tests that include the SUS psychometric survey, that sheet not only contains all the collected values from the questionnaire, it’s also programmed with the formulas we use to generate the overall score and the Usability and Learnability sub-scores. This will help you to play with the data in more meaningful ways.

In the “Video results” sheet, we provide links directly to the share URL of each result so anyone viewing the sheet can jump right to the recordings.

In the “Task completion” sheet, “Yes” and “No” responses are stored as 1s and 0s to allow easy manipulation of the data.


See how the full data download looks and works by viewing our sample usability test data report.


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By Tim Rotolo

Tim Rotolo is a co-founder at Trymata, and the company's Chief Growth Officer. He is a born researcher whose diverse interests include design, architecture, history, psychology, biology, and more. Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College in southern California. You can reach him on Linkedin at linkedin.com/in/trotolo/ or on Twitter at @timoroto

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