TryMyUI is partnering with Blockstack

TryMyUI, Inc. has a new partner! We are proud to announce that our usability testing tools will henceforward be used to help budding blockchain apps prepare for success.

Earlier this month, we teamed up with Blockstack, a technology platform and resource for app developers who believe users should own their own data and identity.

Going forward, we will be participating in their monthly App Mining program, a process that helps developers improve the usability, credibility, and appeal of their apps through third-party feedback.



Who is Blockstack?

Build, test, and launch apps

Blockstack, an open-source project and Public Benefit Corporation, facilitates the creation of new apps by harnessing the distributed public database of blockchain technology. In addition to providing the decentralized foundation, Blockstack also shepherds new apps towards success with its App Mining program.

Through this program, Blockstack enables app developers to build appealing and user-friendly products that are ready for launch.

To do this, Blockstack works with third-party App Reviewers (like TryMyUI) who provide feedback on areas for improvement, especially in regards to factors such as appeal, adoption, credibility, and usability. Quantitative metrics from the App Reviewers determines a monthly ranking for new Blockstack apps.



TryMyUI’s role as App Reviewer

Every month, TryMyUI will be offering our user testing services to a new class of Blockstack apps. Using our tools, app developers or “App Miners” will be able to watch videos of real people using their product, read written reviews, and see quantitative data measuring the User Experience of their app.

See an example TryMyUI usability test

After recording their test video, TryMyUI’s panelists will respond to a special survey we developed expressly for the App Mining program: the ALF Questionnaire (Adoption Likelihood Factors).

Their answers will be used to calculate an overall score reflecting the following 4 factors:

  1. Usability
  2. Usefulness
  3. Credibility
  4. Desirability

Each factor corresponds to 4 questionnaire items, for a total 16 items that comprise the ALFQ. Users mark their answers on a 5-point Likert scale, with 5 meaning “Strongly agree” and 1 meaning “Strongly disagree.”

The final result is a score for each of the 4 factors, and a composite ALF score.


An example ALF score


After collecting data on each app, TryMyUI will submit the normalized scores to Blockstack. These rankings will be included in the App Mining aggregation algorithm to calculate final standings. The App Miners (developers building their apps on Blockstack) will also receive the user videos to view their qualitative feedback.


TryMyUI joins ProductHunt and Democracy Earth as the third independent App Reviewer for the App Mining program. While our analysis will focus on insights from the User Experience, Product Hunt will gauge relative appeal and interest, and Democracy Earth likability and traction.



1. Blockstack wanted a reviewing tool that provided feedback from users who had thoroughly used the apps. With TryMyUI’s video evidence, they (and the App Miners) can be sure that the users have actually experienced these products.

2. Decentralized, blockchain-based applications are still in their early stages, and for many developers getting product feedback is still not common enough. directly helps these teams improve their apps with specific, actionable feedback from real people.



What’s next?

If you’d like to contribute to this growing ecosystem, consider learning how to build a decentralized blockchain application in just an hour with Blockstack’s Zero-to-Dapp Tutorial.

From there, sign up for App Mining to submit your application, start earning monthly payouts, and (now) get free app testing, courtesy of

Learn more: user testing better products and user testing new products


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By Ritvij Gautam

Ritvij Gautam is the Co-Founder and CEO of TryMyUI. He holds Bachelor's Degrees in Physics and Philosophy from Claremont McKenna College.

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