So, 2020 was a bit of a wash for the world, but we’re looking ahead to 2021 now!

Our 2021 roadmap is full of exciting features that will further solidify TryMyUI as a leader in usability testing and UX research without breaking any budgets, as requested by our customers! In addition to performance enhancements, user flow tweaks, and other quality-of-life improvements, some of our most exciting new features for 2021 include…


trymyui remote focus group for marketing videos usability test task script template


Moderated usability testing

This is the one.

For years, we have extolled (and still believe in) the benefits of remote usability testing. But, moderated usability testing is a methodology that many people are just used to and have come to expect from their usability testing / user research platform.

This is how it will work for the customer side:

  1. Simply create a test
  2. Set it to “live”
  3. Start recruiting when you’re ready!

Testers will be made aware that they are participating in a live, moderated event. All device types will be included. With our reliable user testing pool, internal grading, advanced quantitative features, and unmatched plan flexibility, moderated user testing was the last argument anyone had against us.

Start a trial now to get used to the platform so you’ll be ready when moderated testing goes live! Moderated user testing has been in development and is slated for Q1.

This will be available as a paid add-on at the Enterprise-level only.


TryMyUI eggs have ux emotions


Emotion recognition capture

If you’ve ever suspected a tester was just being polite and not completely honest with you, the eyes will never lie!

TryMyUI is excited to be implementing an emotion recognition capture feature that will catalogue the experience of the testers beyond their words or post-test surveys. Quickly jump from emotional swing to emotional swing as the user subconsciously reacts with your design!

With this feature, we hope customers will be able to see the impact of their designs in a totally new way.

Expect to see a lot more about this as we enter the testing phases ourselves.


Usability testing script and post-test survey templates

The most difficult part of getting a usability test launched is the task script. We’ve written a series of articles on task script writing (general guide, e-commerce, prototype / wireframe, marketing materials, but understand that having it all in one place is preferable.

With our upcoming templates, customers will be able to select the type of product / experience / design they will be testing (e-commerce, travel, healthcare, etc.) and our templates will automatically fill-in all the task, feature, and survey data! All you’ll need to do is look for a few “[insert product / brand]” tags to personalize the test to YOUR specific product or brand.

See also: Usability task script templates and the post-test survey questions bank


trymyui taking customer feedback into user testing flow design


The product your feedback helps build

Over the last decade, we have made continuous improvements to our platform while keeping our prices low. From the look and feel of the platform to the number of features, we’ve come a long way in the usability testing industry. We have a dedicated customer base willing to give us feedback to thank for many of the initiatives that have made us successful in the UX space.

Some of the most common product design requests that we are working on for 2021 are:

  • Editable impression testing – customize the questions and time limit!
  • All new customer dashboard – intuitive and pleasing redesign
  • Usability test comparisons – choose 2+ tests and see the data side-by-side
  • Highlight reel expansion – new design and functionalities
  • My Saved Testers – save and later request the same TryMyUI tester for future tests

We are excited to share another (hopefully safer) year with you!

Check the blog often to get overviews and tutorials for many of these features as they go live!


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By Tyler Winstead

Marketing Manager at TryMyUI

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