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Building a project with adequate strategy and planning is one thing, but making sure that it performs well in the market is a whole different task. User testing enables you to be able to view your website as the consumer would see it. It gives a better idea of what the client is looking for and what the expectations of the user are.The UX designer, UX researcher, and developer work as a team to monitor user testing feedback and bring about any changes to the project, considering those results.

It is crucial to take the results seriously because it affects your business organically. As well, user testing is a tried and true method for creating user-friendly products and designs.

Not to toot our own horn, but TryMyUI is the best tool to meet all of your user testing needs. Why? Because we not only understand the UX designer’s mindset but also the consumer mindset. Therefore, having a platform that prioritizes getting the user’s view in a way that helps the product team means getting exactly what you need to elevate your design’s user experience.


Consider TryMyUI as your user testing guru

There are many steps in the UX design process to consider. In addition to conceptualizing, planning, prototyping, and designing a product, there are various other tasks to complete. UX research is a big step in the process and can be very time-consuming to implement.

This is  where TryMyUI comes in. We don’t just provide you with robust user testing data, but we also help you create a smooth user testing process in order to obtain the most accurate results.

Whether it be remote user testing or moderated testing, TryMyUI has built a strong platform that meets the many and varied needs of our customer base.

Here are a few benefits that are not just advanced qualities but proof of how we outdo the competition.


Key user testing features from TryMyUI


Moderated user testing option

While this is a fairly new function for us, we are quite pleased with the ability to provide this option for our customer base. The majority tend to rely on remote usability testing for their UX research needs. However, many find the moderated user testing function to be quite useful for real-time feedback and results.

With our moderated testing feature, users queue up for a live screen-share with the UX designer or UX researcher gathering information. They are able to navigate the website, mobile app, or prototype live and share their thoughts on the process and user experience while the team watches. This gives instant feedback and insight that the team can use to make adjustments to their designs.


Narrow your audience down with screener questions

TryMyUI enables you to add screener questions to the beginning of your user testing, so you can filter out any users who don’t meet specific requirements based on your user persona for the test.

This customization allows you to be very specific about who is invited to participate in your user testing scheme. While we have customizable demographics already built in, this gives you the opportunity to further specify based on your target audience.


User testing with your own users

Whether you want a client, friend, or employee to participate in the test or have your own group of active testers, TryMyUI has got you all sorted.

You can opt for ‘My own testers,’ which will allow you to generate an external invite link that can be sent to your panel after you have finished building out your user test.


Robust data analysis and reporting

One of our best features on the platform is our data analysis tool, known as UX diagnostics. Here, all of the feedback from post-test surveys is aggregated and summarized to show you how users feel about your UX.

As well, feedback from task duration, completion, and usability (SEQ) are shown in graph form, with the ability to highlight and select certain data points and reference back to the video in question. This way you can instantly go back and see exactly what was causing issues.

We offer customers a variety of psychometric reporting options where users can rate their experience navigating a design. A few of our offerings include PSSUQ, ALFQ, SUS, and NPS. This allows you to gather whatever data you deem pertinent to your design process and UX research.


Video annotations

One easy way to keep track of specific moments in a user test is through our video annotations feature. As you watch users navigate your UX, you can add notes and create tags to organize those notes. This makes it easier to pinpoint key moments of feedback in your user testing. It also makes it easier to generate highlight reels, another fabulous feature of ours.


Highlight reels

TryMyUI enables you to prioritize and string together certain clips from the user test to make an impactful and powerful highlight reel containing all the important feedback. This way, your team can immediately get on with the key issues found within your user experience.



When it comes to user testing, TryMyUI is simply the best. We offer a robust suite of features that streamline the process of UX research and help you bring actionable feedback to the  table. With our platform, you’re sure to get what you need to elevate your UX!


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