Keep your user testing research for each client separate, but in the same place with Trymata's Agency Plan

Trymata has always been a great match for agencies looking to do user testing. Many of our past and current clients include UX agencies, design agencies, CRO agencies, marketing agencies, solo consultants, and more.

What makes Trymata such a good partner for agencies? For starters, we’ve always been a more flexible option than our largest competitors, placing no limits on the number of domains/properties you can test, the number of tests you can create and order (at a time or in total), or the number of testers you can request per test.

But that’s not all. Did you know that with Trymata, you can run user tests for all of your clients under a single login, but keep all of their research and billing separate? Not only that, you can also assign teammates to the specific client projects they’re working on – or even assign a login to the client, so they can have visibility into the research you’re running for them.


All of this and more are features of our specially-designed Agency Plan, which we’ve offered since 2017. Now, we’re adding even more agency-friendly capabilities to this unique plan type that will make your life (and your UX research) easier.

The new additions will allow you to pass your Trymata bills along to the relevant clients to pay, so you don’t have to pay up front yourself. Below, we’ll first briefly walk through how our Agency Plan works – then we’ll get into detail about the new billing updates!


All about Trymata’s user testing plan for agencies 

Put briefly, our Agency user testing model enables a single account (owned by an agency) to purchase any number of individual testing licenses – one for each of their clients – and manage them independently.

Since all of the client licenses are purchased and operated by the same agency account, the agency user can hop back and forth between all of them, without having to log in and out repeatedly.

This way, you can easily set up and run user tests for every client, all on the same platform, without getting disorganized or mixing up the test data or billing records for them all. Trymata’s Agency Plan is flexible, organized, and collaborative.


Trymata user testing for agencies grants flexibility and freeform usage


Flexibility… of usage and billing

Our agency user testing offering gives you flexibility in your license & billing setup, as well as in the way you use the Trymata platform to do UX research.

We know that different clients and projects can have wildly different research needs. Whatever the scale and duration of each client’s requirements, you can pick the right license level to match.

Got a small project that just needs a couple quick tests? You can buy a month or two of our Team-level license for it. That other client that constantly needs dozens of tests for their many properties and flows? Get a long-term Enterprise license for all their testing. They’ll all be under the same umbrella login, but purchased and managed totally separately.

It’s easy to navigate between all your license dashboards, too. You can hop into the test drafts you had created for Client A, launch them out, then open up Client B’s tests from your clients dropdown to check out the new results that came in for their study. Then jump to your Organization page to set up a brand new license for Client C in minutes.


Trymata user testing for agencies helps you keep research, data, and billing separate for each client


Organization… of research and records

The single-login, multi-license model we’ve created for agencies lets you keep everything perfectly organized.

Do you have other SaaS tools where all your work for every single client is jumbled together in a single dashboard? If nothing else, it makes things harder to find; at worst, it can be a security hazard for everyone in the account to have access to everything.

With the Trymata Agency Plan, the usability tests you create for each client reside only in the unique dashboard for that client’s license. It’s easy to find the studies you’re looking for, and all of your work for a client is grouped together in one place.

The billing is kept separate, too. From your agency account’s main Profile page, in the billing section you’ll see all transactions listed by client. So if you want to know exactly how much was spent just for Client A, there’ll be a table of all the transactions for just that client. Every license subscription, ad hoc credit purchase, and add-on service for them will be listed together for easy record-keeping. It’s a cinch to figure out how much you need to bill each of your clients.


Trymata user testing for agencies enables colleagues and clients to work together on research


Collaboration… with colleagues and clients

Just like all our other user testing plan types, the Agency Plan lets you add collaborators who can access your plan features and test data through their own login. On an Agency account, there’s no limit to the number of collaborators you can add.

The special thing about collaborator seats on the Agency Plan, though, is that you can assign every seat to specific client licenses. So if Jane is working on projects for Clients A, B, and D, you can assign her to just those client licenses, and she’ll be able to hop between the dashboards for all 3 to set up, run, and analyze tests. But she won’t have access to Clients C and E, and won’t be able to see their tests or data.

Similarly, if one of your clients wants their own login to the platform to check in on the research, you can set one up for them and assign them just to their own license, so they’re not at risk of laying eyes on your research for other clients.


What’s new with Trymata user testing for agencies?

While our Agency Plan has been around for a while now, we’ve recently added a new feature that will make agency user testing with Trymata even easier!


Send Trymata invoices directly to clients

Instead of buying a Trymata license and then billing your client for it later, you can now send the license invoice straight to the client to pay! This new improvement lessens the burden on your agency and reduces the paperwork you’d have to do later.

When setting up a new client license, just check the box to forward the invoice to your client. You’ll be asked to input an email address for us to send it to. Then, when you submit the setup form, a pending license for that client will be created, and an auto-generated invoice will be emailed to that address.

Trymata’s invoices include a click-to-pay link embedded right in the document file, so as soon as your client is ready, they can click the payment link from the invoice, fill out their card information, and complete the purchase. Immediately upon completion, the license will activate, and you can start running tests!

It’s a super easy way to maintain and operate all of your client projects on Trymata under the same Agency account, without having to take on the cost up front yourself.


Want to start using Trymata usability testing for your agency? 

Our team would love to talk with you about being your user testing partner. You can schedule a call with one of our team members here, or just get started by signing up for a free trial of our user testing tools!

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By Tim Rotolo

Tim Rotolo is a co-founder at Trymata, and the company's Chief Growth Officer. He is a born researcher whose diverse interests include design, architecture, history, psychology, biology, and more. Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Claremont McKenna College in southern California. You can reach him on Linkedin at or on Twitter at @timoroto

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