UX, or User Experience, is key to the success of any eCommerce website. Sites that are designed with customers in mind invariably pique the interest of greater numbers of users, and that interest ultimately turns into conversions as consumers head to the checkout pages. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to optimizing the user experience, so it’s really up to brands to create a compelling and attractive website that ticks every box for their target audience. But doing so is sometimes easier said than done. Far too many eCommerce sites just don’t work as well as they could, leaving a brand unable to fulfil its true potential. 

Make sure your company isn’t missing out by harnessing the power of UX to increase conversions. Take a look at some of our top tips on how you could be using UX to create a smarter, more profitable eCommerce site. 


Simplify the process 

The average consumer has a short attention span, particularly when shopping for goods online. So don’t lose their interest before they get the chance to convert. Make sure your website offers a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience where the path from choosing a product to hitting that checkout button is as quick as can be. 

By simplifying the shopping process and eliminating any unnecessary steps, you’ll ensure that a greater percentage of interested consumers make their way to the checkout, and you’ll soon see an uptick in conversion rates as a result. 


Create standout CTAs 

Look at any big-name eCommerce website and you’ll immediately notice a handful of standout calls to action that demand your attention. Designed with the brand’s target market in mind, these CTAs significantly improve conversion rates by showing consumers exactly what they need to do, and how to do it. 

Whether you’re looking to showcase a special promotion or sale, you’re hoping to engage users and get them interested in a demo or you simply want consumers to get in touch, an unmissable CTA is the way to do it. 


Make the most of the power of video 

Video content is enormously engaging, and it can make a real difference to the user experience that your eCommerce site offers. The type of content you choose to produce will of course vary depending on the service or product your brand is marketing, but there are plenty of options to look into. 

Think about whether or not users would benefit from a tutorial detailing how to use your best-selling product, or whether a catwalk show might entice consumers and get them interested in your latest clothing line. 

There are many ways in which eCommerce brands can harness the power of video to improve UX and boost conversions. Consider the types of videos that your target audience might be interested in and start creating some next-level content. 


Streamline your menus

A long list of menu options can overwhelm a user, particularly if they’ve not visited your site before. Make it easy for them to see where they need to go by streamlining your menu options. 

Use data gathered through your existing analytics tools to see how customers are currently interacting with menus, and remove any unnecessary pages that may detract from the customer journey you want to send new visitors on. 

A shorter, simpler menu will guide customers through the first stages of their journey, and greater numbers of them will reach the checkout and convert as a result. 


Engage your audience 

Great user experience isn’t just about design. It’s also about the quality of the content that users are offered. There are many ways to improve the content on your site, and plenty of tricks that you can try out to help boost engagement. 

One popular method of engaging new users is by offering interactive content, such as quizzes. Add a quiz near the start of your customer journey and you’ll soon get customers interested in your products as you make suggestions based on their answers. At the end of your quiz, customers can be directed straight to product pages, and before long they’ll be considering whether or not to make a purchase. 

This is just one example of how interactive tools can be used to boost conversions – and it’s far from the only one! Think about how you could incorporate interactive elements into your content to create immersive features that maximize the potential of your eCommerce site. 


If you want to improve conversion rates, think UX 

Make decisions based on user experience, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that works perfectly for your intended audience. Simple design tweaks and improvements in your checkout process can make all the difference when it comes to increasing conversion rates, so start making changes with your audience in mind. 


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