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Remote usability testing tools

Trymata provides fast, reliable usability insights for websites, apps, and prototypes via candid feedback and actionable data from the kind of users you want. We capture the screens and voices of people navigating your product, performing the tasks you set, while we also capture quantitative data in the background.

This data is presented, within hours, as easily navigable videos and intuitive charts and graphs. You’ll quickly learn what’s working and what’s not working, what’s confusing and what’s well-received, and be able to share this data to stakeholders.

Your web developers and graphic designers, while immensely talented, aren’t the people you’re trying to reach with your product. They think differently and speak an entirely different vocabulary. Designing for your audience means understanding your audience, and the only way to understand your audience is to test with your audience.

It only takes 5 user test results to uncover 80% of high-level usability problems on your website.


Get your first 5 user test results (plus full Enterprise features) with a FREE trial!

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Usability testing software for the modern product team

Trymata’s usability testing tools are designed for the modern UX- and user-centric product team, from the creation of your UX research projects to the analysis and communication of your results.

The biggest challenge inherent to usability testing is that it’s a time-consuming activity. The more data you collect, the more time it takes to mine through it – 10 tests at 30 minutes each already amounts to 300 minutes of video to watch, rewatch, and analyze for the most relevant insights. Then those insights must be compiled into action items and shared with the team, all in time for the next build.


The modern product team is agile

We’ve put all our focus on creating a tool that cuts down on wasted time so user-centered teams can fit usability testing into their timeline. Our clear, step-by-step test creation page guides researchers through the process with expert-written tips and pointers, and you can easily duplicate or modify previous tests to suit your research goals for each new sprint.

We also provide a host of analytical tools to help researchers quickly identify the key insights and focus their efforts on the most relevant bits of data.




With the Trymata exclusive UX Crowd, a voting-based survey that allows your tester pool to choose which issues impacted them the most, you can already start to formulate your priority list before you’ve watched any video data.

With any of our numerous psychometrics (including SUSPSSUQSUPR-QALFQ, and SRS), your team will able to identify the most problematic areas of your product’s user experience.




Single-Ease Question (SEQ) scores, which rate the usability of the tasks in your test, help you to see where testers struggled the most, hone in on those moments, and pinpoint the problem. It even tracks average duration and whether or not the task was completed!


The modern product team is efficient

Trymata really outshines the competition and provides the greatest benefits to our customers by allowing UX teams to do what they want to do: design. Without breaking the budget or fear of overspending on subpar services, Trymata is the only affordable answer in user testing.

Our platform’s notably affordable yet powerful plans are flexible to meet the needs of teams that are looking for a one-off month of testing, a 4-month quarter, 6 months, or an annual plan (12 months for the price of 10)! No long-term obligations. No over-paying. No shortage of options!

Our participant pool of over 1,000,000 testers is the frequent difference between us and the others due to our internal grading team and painless ability to replace testers who didn’t quite meet your requirements absolutely free. Our testers won’t waste you time, and we won’t charge you for something you can’t can’t control.




Explore the many facets our product and find the shortcuts we’ve considered to help your team get to the data fast. For example, our video indexing feature allows you to immediately skip to the problem task at-hand in what could otherwise be a 30-minute video! Imagine the time-saved seeking around 10 individual 30-minute videos to get to the same task.

Spend more time designing and less time justifying with Trymata.


The modern product team is collaborative

Usability research should engage everyone on the team to keep the user’s experience at the core of the design process. With the Collaborative Analysis suite, all team members can access and share research projects and work together to extract insights.




Our annotations software allows anyone to add tagged and timestamped notes to user videos so the rest of the team can easily view the key junctures in that video. Then, you can use your annotations to rapidly create an insights report with the templatized drag-and-drop Executive Summary generator.

The Trymata Team and Enterprise plans include the ability to add multiple seats to the account. Access, create, and review unlimited tests simultaneously!

Many Product Managers and UX Designers believe they don’t have time to do usability testing; but with remote usability testing software built to expedite setup, analysis, and action, you can put the user at the center of your design process and still be in time for your deadline.

Sign up for a free trial and run your first usability test (with 5 users) completely free!

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