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For decades, design experts have been working on improving the user experience. From better websites to more helpful apps, user experience design is everywhere in our life. Many app developers, software companies, and website designers focus mainly on improving the product experience for their audience, clients, or customers via some or many forms of user experience software.

What is user experience

UX (user experience) means how users feel when they are using a platform or an interface. This interface can be of any application, website, or software. You can also think of UX as a means of interacting with your audience through your product or design. This is the human-computer interaction or HCI.

Here are just a few universal benefits of enhancing the user experience of your product:

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User experience software examples

Numerous types of UX software can help with enhancing, managing, monitoring, and improving your user or customer’s experience. Furthermore, you can also generate insights and valuable data to support your desired improvements.

Here are some helpful tools you can use if you are thinking of starting to do user experience design and research:

1. Clicky

Clicky provides various reports from the activities on your website. For instance, you can find out how many people visited your website, download, or clicked on the link. You can also view Twitter statistics. The best part about this tool is that it generates all the insights in real-time to make instant decisions.

This is a user-friendly tool and ideal for you if you are a beginner.

2. Smartlook

Smartlook can help you with heat-mapping and session recording. You can find the exact reason for each action on your website. This tool records all the behavior of your audience. For instance, you can find information such as clicks, hover, scroll, session time on each page, etc.

3. Visual Website Optimizer

With VWO, you can determine and compare the success rate of each webpage to make better decisions. VWO is also a user-friendly tool, and you can test various elements such as pictures, header, and many more through this tool. VWO will help identify the clicks, conversions, and signups with the help of statistical data.

4. MockFlow

MockFlow will help you draw the interface and create a guideline for the website or application. MockFlow helps in designing, sharing, and collaborating the idea with emphasis. These types of User experience software help in the development process of the application. You can even test prototypes of wireframes with Trymata!

5. Trymata

Finally, once you need to start testing new designs, redesigns, or entire products, it’s time for the usability test. Unlike the other applications listed above, Trymata is a usability testing software that enables UX and design teams to create a specific user experience and then test it with a curated, targeted demographic.



With a task scriptpost-test surveys, and various quantitative metrics, services like Trymata can take what you think is a good design and confirm it is a good designReview videos of your users narrating their experience as they follow your task list. Consult the UX diagnostics to understand where and how flaws in the design appear. It’s all fast and easy with Trymata. See an example!

Even if you’re just looking to do some A/B Testing, for either websites or mobile apps, Trymata is here for you!

While the other tools are insightful, a good usability testing platform is a must for your user experience software budget.


Numerous factors and components go into user experience design, and so similar weight and consideration must go into selecting the user experience software for your needs. Before making even the simplest decisions, such as background color, font size, pictures, etc., take some time to research your industry and your users.

With the help of good user experience software, you can make informed decisions and generate positive results with confidence.

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