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Letter from the CEO

TryMyUI rebrands to Trymata,
the complete user insights solution

October 14th, 2022

Ritvij Gautam

Co-founder & CEO

Trymata (formerly TryMyUI)

To our valued customers and new visitors:

Ever since we kicked things off in 2015, our mission at TryMyUI has always been to help companies understand their users’ behavior on their websites, web apps, mobile apps, or any digital product.

We strive to deliver insights that give you the "user's view," so that you can build more usable platforms – and as a result, create better product experiences that result in higher conversions & revenue.

As you may know, to further this goal we acquired earlier this year, a product analytics tool with robust session replay, funnel analytics, and frustration detection capabilities, among other functionalities.

I strongly believe that a merged vision of our two product offerings will empower you to build a sustainable and far-reaching digital experience analytics practice that lets you measure exactly how your product is impacting revenue and conversions. The resultant platform will not only enable you to run impactful usability tests; it will also give you insight into real-time user behavior on your live website.

To this end, I am excited to announce that as of today, October 14th, TryMyUI has rebranded to a new identity: Trymata.

What’s Trymata?

“Trymata” is a word for any kind of nut that has a hard outer shell with an edible interior, like a walnut or pecan. To get at the edible nut inside, one first has to do the hard work of breaking through that tough outer shell.

It draws such a great allusion to “cracking the nut” of product experience analytics to get at the hidden insights in the data (reflected in our new logo!)


What changes are coming with the rebrand?

With the old TryMyUI and Stitchology brands united under the Trymata name, we are now offering our customers two unique product suites – Usability Testing & Product Analytics – which can be purchased separately, or together for an incredibly powerful integrated research experience.

  • With our product analytics suite, you’ll be able to easily sift through massive amounts of live behavioral data to understand your user flows and uncover hidden patterns and pain points from real sessions.
  • With our usability testing suite, you can run targeted in-depth tests on the flows you identify and the problems you surface, to hear users’ thoughts and feedback and learn how to turn frustration into delight.
  • The process doesn’t stop there! With custom goals and all the live data you get from the product analytics suite, you can measure the impact of your design changes on business goals after acting on the user feedback you’ve collected.

With product analytics and usability testing, you get the complete picture of your digital experience, so you can continually increase your understanding and iterate towards the best possible product.

What else is new with Trymata?

Our product analytics suite isn’t the only new thing we’re bringing to you with this rebrand.

We are also introducing a unique new Agency Plan for design, marketing, and CRO agencies that work on multiple clients’ digital products. Too often, SaaS tools are ill-suited for agencies’ workflows and budgets, and we want to change that. To this end, we have added the ability for agency customers to manage multiple distinct and secure client licenses in one place, with significant discounts to your clients.

Additionally, we are extremely excited to announce that we have also acquired an insights repository platform,! will give you the ability to pull various strands of data (from usability tests, surveys, interviews, product analytics, and more) into a unified repository. You will then be able to create a custom tag and flag nomenclature for your company, and query the entire breadth of your experience research data with ease. Come January 2023, the platform will be available for purchase to all Trymata customers.

As Trymata, we want to provide you the ultimate end-to-end digital experience analytics and product research suite. I look forward to the coming months, as we continue to grow and improve on the wide array of best-in-class products we can offer to help you create your best possible digital experience.

With immense gratitude,

Rit & the Trymata team