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Product, UX, and marketing teams from early-stage startups to global enterprises rely on Trymata to create experience that delight users and increase revenue, engagement, and growth.

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Solutions for everyone

Usability testing & product analytics for every team

User Testing & Product Analytics Tools For UX & Design Teams

UX & design

Create engaging user flows by finding and solving UX pain points

How do users interact with each element?

User Testing & Product Analytics Tools For Product Management Teams


Drive confident product roadmap decisions by understanding your users

What are the mainuser friction pointsin our product?

User Testing & Product Analytics Tools For Marketing Teams


Increase conversions by learning how users respond to your messaging and brand

What journeys domy top userstake?

User Testing & Product Analytics Tools For Ecommerce Teams


Pinpoint opportunities to retain and convert your shoppers

How can we identifywhy users don’tmake a purchase?

User Testing & Product Analytics Tools For Agencies


Collect data for your projects across all your clients

How can we back upour decisionsfor our clients?

User Testing & Product Analytics Tools For Startups & VCs

Startups & VCs

Build products your users will pay for

How can we unlockproduct-led growth?

How it works

End-to-end experience analytics

Live product analytics

Uncover user frustrations impacting the digital experience of your key user journeys.

Remote usability testing

Run targeted usability tests to deep-dive into your product’s user experience and surface opportunities to maximize engagement and conversion.

Track and iterate

Measure the impact of your design decisions with goal data and sprint metrics.

How Trymata live product analytics works
How Trymata remote usability testing works
How Trymata goal data and sprint metrics works

Take your product to the next level

Monitor real-time user behavior

See every action of every visitor, and playback the sessions of your most frustrated users. Learn what’s making visitors convert or bounce.

Track user clicks and behavior with user paths

Pinpoint user frustration

Explore users’ navigations, mouse movements, and written and spoken feedback to uncover how they think when interacting with your digital products.

Digital products user navigation & interaction Trymata

Build qualitative studies

Quickly set up user testing studies to get in-depth feedback on any kind of digital product or asset, from users in your target audience. Collect industry standard metrics with every study.

Run Moderated User Testing for websites, mobile apps, prototypes

Collaborate, analyze & iterate

There’s no easier way to put user data in front of everyone from product managers to developers and designers, share critical findings, and collaboratively discuss ideas and solutions.

User Testing Video With Annotations

What some of our customers
have to say

“There’s nothing more impactful than showing a video clip to stakeholders. It makes everything click. They really see that it’s real people and real problems that we’re dealing with.”

Jordan Becker | Usability Specialist, Gallup

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“The honest, raw feedback we got through Trymata helped us set aside our biases and prioritize our roadmap based on what our customers really wanted”

Parag Vaish | Director of Mobile Product Management, StubHub

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“I really prefer Trymata over similar tools. With Trymata, we are able to collect really good feedback and analytics. It has been super helpful for us to understand our product better from a user’s perspective.”

Dhanish John | Product Marketing Manager, Justuno

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We’re excited to announce that TryMyUI has rebranded: Introducing Trymata, the complete digital experience insights platform!

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