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The widespread incorporation of advanced technology in different industries means increased convenience for professionals and customers alike. The medical field is no exception. As health-centered technology goes from complex and bulky equipment in the operation room to simple and easy-to-wear tools that patients can carry with them, developers are always looking to offer patients new benefits.

Many companies that provide technical support in the healthcare industry often neglect to work on their tools’ user interface. However, this is one of the major challenges companies encounter whilst trying to provide optimal solutions. In this day and age, when remote appointments are necessary, telehealth companies should provide tools with user-centric design and develop new trends in the industry. In this article, we will discuss how UX research is essential to maximize the benefits of telehealth devices.


Telehealth technology and UI/UX research

If you have basic knowledge about UX research, you will understand how it helps revise your interface and meet users’ expectations. Companies use these tools to collect user data and identify problems their users encounter. By eliminating these problems through ideas and designing, these companies achieve a better user experience satisfying their customers. You can implement the same concept for telehealth devices.

Telehealth devices help patients communicate with their doctors and other healthcare representatives from anywhere around the world. This technology includes a screen with various features to facilitate the users. But companies designing these technologies can be familiarizing with challenges that a user faces while operating the tools. For that, they need to gather user data and understand their problems. Identifying these problems will help companies create user-friendly and easy to access tools.


Benefits of UX research for telehealth technology

Telehealth companies should understand customers’ pain points and solve their problems through optimal solutions. Below, you will find some ways UX research helps the users:


1. Customized home screen

You can offer home screen customization to your audience so they can arrange their screen according to personal preferences. Many patients do not require technical options. Therefore, their doctor scans save them from further confusion by customizing the tool according to their need.


2. Simplified workflow

Through UI research, you can identify which functions users access. Your goal is to provide clear and easy-to-use tools. For instance, you can minimize the number of clicks to perform tasks.


3. Human-centric icons

Picking suitable icons and placing them in the right locations on the screen will also help your audience understand the interface. For instance, some patients require immediate contact with their doctor. They cannot pass different steps and wait for the system to load. Therefore, you can provide a fast interface and quick appointment options. This shortens the communication gap between doctors and patients.


4. Font size

Using user research, you can choose suitable color and size for the font and buttons on the interface. For instance, data will provide insights into how quickly the audience locates the fonts of your page. If the audience thinks that your fonts are causing eye strain, you can make the interface readable by introducing night modes.



Even though a good user experience is essential for any industry, the healthcare industry cannot afford clunky designs. The complications of a poor user experience can be traumatic and life-threatening. By creating optimal technology based on data through UX research, you can provide instant solutions to healthcare providers and patients.


Sweta Patel


Sweta manages omni-channel marketing at TryMyUI and has previously worked as a Startup Growth Advisor for Plug and Play Center and 500Startups.



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By Sweta Patel

Sweta manages omni-channel marketing at TryMyUI and has previously worked as a Startup Growth Advisor for Plug and Play Center and 500Startups.

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