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When your goal is to provide users with the best product, you cannot neglect the usability of your website. Usability is an essential quality of a user-friendly interface. Previously, user experience wasn’t as important to grab attention because of minimum competition in the market. However, since the digital world is overpopulating with new competitors, you need to improve the quality of your website. With increasing competition, users are growing concerned about the usability of their sites. They connect usability with a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.


Usability testing includes different techniques to assess your website’s usability. One of those techniques is moderated usability testing. It involves relying on interviews and other testing methods with active participation by the facilitator. You can conduct these tests in a corporate setting or UX lab. But, with advancements in technology, you can now remotely conduct moderated usability tests.


That’s why you need to choose a usability testing tool and identify what your website is missing. There are numerous tools for usability testing, each with different features. You need to evaluate the top options and select the tool that serves your purpose. Below, you will find some top moderated testing usability tools. Here, you will find some top moderated testing usability tools to get started:


1.      TryMyUI


Screenshot of Step 1 ("Basics") of setting up a TryMyUI moderated usability test


Here’s a basic overview of some key points about our moderated testing feature!

  1. You can run moderated tests with our panel of testers, or with your own users.
  2. When setting up your moderated test, you’ll schedule it for a specific day and time. When that time comes, testers join a virtual waiting room, and at the start of each new moderated session, you’ll send an invite for the first tester in the queue to join.
  3. The moderated sessions are conducted via a live call that happens directly through the browser. No download is required, either for you or for the test participants.
  4. While in the live call, you’ll both share your face cameras and microphones. The tester will also share their screen so you can watch along. On your side, you’ll see the script you’ve prepared, which you can read aloud to the testers or send to them as messages.
  5. As you conduct the test, you can fill in completion metrics and usability ratings. You can also take notes, which are saved as timestamped annotations on the video recordings for later viewings.


In the near future, we’ll be expanding our moderated user testing capabilities with 3 more key features:

  • Multiple moderators per test, who can all run their own live user sessions in parallel test rooms
  • Observers who can sit in on live sessions, take notes, and chat with the moderator
  • Moderated usability testing for mobile interfaces


2.      UserZoom


Source: UserZoom


UserZoom is not only a moderated testing tool, but it also enables you to conduct usability testing in the lab with an unmoderated testing tool. This tool offers a feature to perform remote interviews through an application. During the interview, you can observe the interview and instantly contact a user when they face any problems. This tool records different sessions, enabling you to watch them later. Other than interviews for usability testing, this tool also offers other essential features to improve the user experience for your site. The best of all is the analytics features, including card testing and surveys, usability benchmarking, and tree testing.



3.      UserTesting



Source: UserTesting


This is a multiplatform user testing software. It helps connect you with the customers through every phase of the user testing process. You can access the audio, videos, and feedback from your users. The feedback from users will help you improve the user experience. In short, with this tool, you can hear your audience and what they think about your web or mobile application.



4.      Testbirds


Source: Testbirds


Using Testbirds will connect you with the right target group. These groups will use your application as a user and share the feedback. This tool allows you to test wearable technology, websites, and smart devices. Testbirds also enable you to conduct other analyses, such as remote evaluation, competitor analysis, and remote interviews. A major purpose of this application is to find you the right testers for moderated usability testing. After the test, it gathers and evaluate the response from the participants and share valuable data and insights.



If you are new to usability testing, you can choose from these three moderated testing tools. You can also pick other options. Before choosing the tool, identify the questions you want to ask the participants. You can research to find the questions. You also need to consider the type of data you require. Once you select the tool, you need to understand the features and how you can utilize the tool with maximum benefits.


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By Sweta Patel

Sweta manages omni-channel marketing at TryMyUI and has previously worked as a Startup Growth Advisor for Plug and Play Center and 500Startups.

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