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Every Trymata usability testing plan comes with an allotment of credits for running tests with our user panel.

Our credits system is an easy way for us to pre-load tests into your account so that you and your teammates can easily launch new tests whenever you need.


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What is 1 credit worth?

One Trymata panel credit is equivalent to a single participant’s complete test results. So for example, if you wanted to run a user test with 5 participants, you would need 5 credits to place the order.

By “complete test results,” we mean that you will get back:

  • A video, narrated by the user, showing their device screen as they perform tasks on your website, app, or prototype
  • The user’s responses to your custom post-test written survey
  • Quantitative UX metrics for their session such as task usability, completion, and duration
  • All of the above test components, if included in your setup, will be checked for quality & completion by Trymata’s internal test delivery team

Any user who attempts your test, but submits incomplete or substandard data, will not be counted against the credits you used to order the test.

That is, if the 5th user to perform your test abandons it halfway through, or speeds through the tasks without providing any commentary, their results will be rejected by our team and a new 5th user will be recruited to take the test instead. Only when a set of complete and useful results have been passed along to you does that test slot count as fulfilled.


Stacks of credits


Do different kinds of tests cost different credit amounts?

No – one credit is always worth one participant’s test results, regardless of what kind of test you’re running. Whether your usability testing study is moderated or unmoderated, for desktop or mobile, on a website, app, or prototype – it all works the same way.

That way, you don’t have to constantly be doing math in your head to figure out how many credits you’ll need for the next study, and whether you have enough, and how much it’ll cost to buy more (this is generally how it works with our competitors). We wanted to make it easy as possible for you to do your job – so we decided to keep it simple!

By the way, in case you don’t ever want to think about credit allotments and testing limitations, we have an Unlimited Plan that allows you and your team to run any number of user tests through our platform!


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