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Trymata Product analytics features

Feature overview

Uncover issues you couldn’t predict

Track user clicks with Trymata user logs and web session recordings

Don’t let shots in the dark determine how you should improve your product roadmap.

Visitor logs track every action your user takes.

Our features include:

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Stop guessing where users click

Track user clicks and behavior with user paths

From scrolling through a page to identifying user frustration signals such as rage clicks, error clicks, and dead clicks, you can understand how your users are thinking.

Identify critical user sessions, and save time by only playing back those session recordings while skimming others. Our features include:

Detect recurring bottlenecks that affect conversion

Detect recurring bottlenecks that affect conversion using Trymata user flow product analytics

Whether through an organic Google search, a referral, or a digital ad, understand where and why each user came to your website, and how they were thinking and feeling through interacting with your platform.

Use Trymata's product analytics data to unlock answers to key questions:

  1. What are the most common paths my users are taking?
  2. Where are my users funneling out?
  3. How can I improve my website to increase engagement?

Our features include:

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Optimize your digital experience at scale

Uncover user pain points

What comes next after quickly uncovering your users frustration points? We’re going to help you fix it!

Unlocking user frustration trends with your users fuels your product roadmap and how you can improve your current feature set.

Make website changes that you know your users will like and convert on.

Track the success of your changes

Track the success of your changes with Trymata Web Heatmap Tool

Goals help you track all the changes you have made on your website and how that impacts your conversion and revenue.

You can compare how users are interacting before and after your changes along with seeing how engagmenet improves over the course of removing user frustrations and blockers.

You can even export these results and share it with your team to show all the improvements you have made & how revenue has grown.

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