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UX design is a broad concept and idea that isn’t easily defined. In fact, it is an idea full of directions, which include interaction design, information architecture, visual design, and human-computer interaction. After reading this article, we aim to make this concept easy to understand for you.


What is UX design?

UX design is the method of building interactive products (websites/mobile apps) that are convenient, functional and enjoyable. If you are a newbie and learning about it, then give a read to the following to get a clearer concept:


UX design process

As we just discussed, UX design is a way to build a design that covers all the features of a product or service. While it is tempting to focus on creating an imaginative and innovative user interface, prioritizing user experience is important. In order to ensure that your design is both innovative and user-friendly, you should engage your team in the UX design process. This is the process of wireframing and prototyping your design, conducting UX research and determining its usability, and revisiting and reworking the design. Repeat the process again and again until you have a product ready for the public!


Human and business solutions

UX design aims to solve human and business problems, and to make those solutions easy and accessible to users. It is a way to understand the goals of the user by identifying problems within everyday life. It is the process of maintaining the condition of a business and searching for new techniques to help it grow. Moreover, it’s a continuous procedure to see the world from the customer’s point of view and to make their life better. It is the exercise of covering people’s need before and after the development of the product.

This is why UX research and usability testing are key components of UX design. While you can’t meet every single user and ask them what they think about your design, it’s possible to get representative feedback through prototype usability testing. This can help you understand how your user experience is performing.


User experience and UX design

One thing about user experience is that it doesn’t just happen inherently within your design. You have to be intentional about cultivating good UX. UX design helps you with that. If it is done well, then the user experience will have positive feedback, and the customer will be able to easily navigate your interface.


System design

The objective of UX design is to generate a system that offers great user experience to users. It embraces the interaction between the users using it and the system it operates on. For instance, if a design takes principles of accessibility into consideration, then it’s likely the user will find it accessible. Prototype testing is necessary to identify the relationship between user interaction and the system.


Interaction with UX design 

The main component to any design is the way users navigate it. A design loses significance and purpose if it’s not made to be used or navigated. This is why it’s important to have a professional UX designer or researcher on your design team. Their understanding of and focus on UX will result in better products, designs, and campaigns.


Testing UX design

Usability testing is the process of calculating the user experience of your product design. For good UX, we need to satisfy the requirements of our users and business. For this purpose, you need to know who the customers are and what they want. The design ideas are justified through customers’ reactions.


Future of UX design

All of the organizations have now started realizing how necessary it is to understand their customers’ response to their design. The best way to build trust and sincerity is designing a great user experience. On one hand, the result of good UX is growth in revenue and business. On the other hand, the result of bad UX is revenue loss and customers’ lack of faith in your product. Users are drawn to better user experiences and are becoming less tolerant of bad ones. This lets us know that prioritizing user experience is a must.



User experience is now not only the part of digital world but also of the physical world. It is the practice of knowing the desire of the people before and after the development of a product. This product is mainly a website or an app.


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